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Eph 6:16 The truth of the “Darts of the Wicked”

KJV of Eph. 6:16 “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” Other translations have this read as “the evil one”, thus implying that it is Satan.

I am now going to disagree with that wrong translation that implied the Devil is at it again.

The word in the Greek for “wicked” has many meanings; full of labors, annoyances, hardships, pressed and harassed by labors, bringing toils, perils; in a physical sense: diseased or blind, in an ethical sense: evil wicked, bad.

So, after reading the meaning, it would actual imply that the darts of the wicked are the things in life that are full of; labors, hardships, pressed and harassed. etc….  This same word is used in classic Greek to describe the “Labors of Hercules”, things that were meant to make him fail.

Life is hard each and every day, it is even harder when the Darts of Life are aimed at you.  Things shot at you to make you fail, physical or emotionally. Let me be fully honest, sometimes the Shield of Faith we hold never seems to be enough to stop the darts of life.  If this is how you are feeling, then you should call for the reserves to help you, you are not Hercules and you do not need to slay the Dragon alone.

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The coming of the Anti-Christ and Jerusalem

The coming of the Anti-Christ and Jerusalem.
This is going to be my view on the events over the past some 71 years. Joel 3:1-2, On May 14th, 1948 Israel declared it’s self a Nation with the UN support. This was the beginning of the fulfillment of prophecy.  Next came what is known as the 6 day war, June 5-10, 1967. Israel now has united the city of Jerusalem under the Nation, including the Temple mount.

A very bad decision was made at the time, but was the part of the plan of G-d, to turn control over to Jordon. During the many years since the Temple Institute has established all the items that will be needed for the Third Temple, except for two items that cannot be reproduced. The items are, the Jar of the ash of the red heifer from the time of Moses and the Ark of the Covenant. The stage is set as people are drawn to this Nation no large then New Jersey.

Christians would love to point out that many people are the anti-christ, but I will tell you they are not. They are working for him, yes, with resolutions to sanction Israel and to boycott the Nation. The very same UN that blessed the Nation of Israel in 1948, now under pressure from those same Nations, attack this very Nation. But, let me be clear, you can pass all the resolutions you wish, you can try and sanction this Nation, but in doing so you have spit in the “Apple of the Eye of the Lord G-d” Himself.

Now with that said, let me proceed to the point that we must see and understand. There is two workings going on right now. One is to slam Israel, to condemn it at all points, to try and force her to her knees. This is happening in conjunction with the same plan to bring peace. All the resolutions and proposed sanctions are only setting the stage for someone to come and say, “I have the solution”. Two, Without all the resolutions and sanctions against Israel, there would be no need for a Savior to come to her rescue.

Christians should be aware that the actual rise of the Anti-christ is a person that will “bless” Israel. He will appear to be the very thing you want a “defender” of Israel, so beware to whom you support or declare as a support of the Nation of Israel, for they very well may be the one that is to bring about disaster to the world. Jews seek the very same person, one that will negotiate the peace between Hamas, Palestine authority and Jordon for the Temple mount. Yes, the UN and the anti-Israel Nations are now becoming more anti-Semitic in their own nations each day.  But, let’s understand that no matter how this turns out, G-d has had a plan for the Nation of Israel and His people whom He has chosen and no resolution or sanction will undo that. G-d bless Israel and keep her in his arms.

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we live for the ONE, we die for the One

Life is about living and we do not consider what we should live for.

Jesus said “I came that you might have life”, He implies that we are living in death. To really live is to turn yourself over to Him and allow Him to guild you. Death is where you meet him at. Paul said “For me to live is Christ, to Die is gain” we no longer live the life we have decided to live.  We live our life as though Christ was living through us. Are we not as Paul wrote “buried with Christ to rise and walk a new life”?  If this is true then how we live each day, yes, each hour, each decision we make is not our way but His. As to the Death issue, each day we should die to ourselves, die to our desires, our wants, our needs, and fill in the blank. “We die for the ONE, and we live for the ONE”, no longer for ourselves. Paul was not an easy man to figure out and what he tells us to do is hard if we try to do it ourselves, but, we have Christ in our hearts as Peter wrote. Thus, allow Christ to work in you and it will become easier as you go along the walk of your new life each day..

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